Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three Days to Build a House?!

Earlier I talked about getting involved in a Homes for Our Troops House here in Cedar City, Utah. A few weeks ago over 100 volunteers showed up to turn a slab into a shell of a home. It was an incredible experience! As a Painting Contractor, we don't often see this process. Watching a large group of men and women swinging hammers together, putting up walls and a roof was like watching a symphony! The homeowners, Travis and Stephanie Wood, their daughter Maddie and many other family members were there as well. They, and other volunteers, helped provide food and water to the hardworking crew. I met some of the neatest people! The build is still going on! If you or someone you know can help, let me know. See more on our Facebook Page!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Accent Walls

Color can do more than add warmth to a home! Using the right colors can add personality and zing to any room! Bright Red Accent Walls can make a room appear rich and vibrant. Soft Blue Accent Walls can make a room seem cool and tranquil. Bright Green Accent Walls can make a statement to a theme room. These colors are best used on the main wall of a room or on a feature you want to highlight. The other wall colors can be tinted to compliment the Accent color. Contact RC Painting Inc today to see how we can add color to your home!