Friday, July 23, 2010

The Erecta Rack

After using the Hinge Mags to paint the doors while they are hanging we move the doors to keep them safe from overspray and damage from other trades. We used to move them all out to the garage, moving 27 eight foot doors thru the house was a tough job, but Robert from RC Painting was able to do it using a lot of time, sweat and energy. Once out in the garage, they were still prone to damage from wind and trade traffic.
We recently had the opportunity to try the Erecta Rack System. This allowed us to stack the doors in one central area in a space no larger than one door. That meant Robert did not have to carry them all through the house! He was very glad to only move them a short distance and stack them. This also made it much easier for him to roll a coat of primer and paint on the bottom edge of the door. This is a step often skipped by many painters. He could then cover them with plastic and continue on with other details.
The Erecta Rack is not designed for spraying on, but as a stacker to allow doors and trim to dry.
It is well designed and sturdy, perfect for doing cabinet doors. I think this is something we will get a lot of use out of! Thanks Erecta Rack for a great product.

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